As far as I am concerned, education should not be the single standard in an interview. As for the companies, it is not necessarily a good principle as well. Now the whole community often talk about working ability and efficiency. For example, some people may have high academic qualification, but actually his ability is very limited. So both the individual and the community ought to change their attitude on academic qualification. We should realize that it is the operational capability and service ability which can help you to find a good job。

Therefore, though Internet communication brings convenience to our life, I still don't think the Internet communication can replace face-to-face contact.

  In the modern society, with competition becomes increasingly fierce, to find a job is too difficult for the young generation. Academic qualification, as a job a stepping-stone, is an essential factor during the job hunting。


  Some people think that the highly educated must be able to find a good job, because education can prove that a person has a good capacity. Therefore, it is commonly believe that a job seeker with a master degree must be easier to find a promising job than a undergraduate. However, now the company interviewers generally prefer to required a even higher academic qualification, like a doctor degree. Otherwise, the applicants, even though he or she has tremendous potential, will be refused relentlessly。

First of all, education improves people's learning ability that makes them know more about the world.Only by learning these,can human have an opportunity to study more and know more about the society .Moreover , opportunities are often given to someone who is well  educated .Employers tend to believe that people have high education are intelligent and they can manage their jod and adapt the working environment quickly.That is why the educated people always get a good job.








As a college student, we are expected to construct a better and more harmonious society as long as we make joint efforts, I would argue.


②It 's long been known that …(描述现状)It is high time that …



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Finally, I feel most obliged to thank you once more.

①On behalf of the Student Union, I am sending this letter to you to invite you to …






③We should drive combined efforts to do sth    我们应该共同付出努力干某事

【  It is imperative that …】   很有必要…

②To be more specific,具体介绍要干啥,在哪里,什么时候

【 generally speaking】 一般来说,总得来说

①I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt thanks to you.


【 put forward】    提出


I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for ______.


我这写封信是想要告诉你当我听到你…我太激动了Please allow me to express my heartfelt congratulations.

③Your consideration of my application will be highly appreciated and I am looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience.





①I am writing to voice my dissatisfaction with …     我写信的原因是为了表达我对…的不满意


【 thanks in advance 】   提前表示感谢



It is widely acknowledged that you are …(夸夸这个被邀请人)



今年六月份我将获得某个大学的硕士学位The course I accomplished have primed me to perform the duties you outlined in the advertisement. And there are good reasons for me to believe that your company can afford me ample opportunities to showcase my capabilities and hone my skills. 我所选修的课程已经使我准备好承担您在广告中所列出一系列职责和责任。并且我有充分的理由相信贵公司能够给我提供足够的机会展示我的才能和提升我的技能。My enthusiasm as well as my abilities qualify me for the vacancy you are seeking to fill. Your prompt attention toddler this letter would be highly appreciated! 我的热情和我的能力使我能够胜任您正在招聘的空缺职位。如果您对此信及时关注,我将非常感激。

I look forward to your reply, and to attending your esteemed institution.

With the development of today's technology,education becomes more important than before because people need to learn more to adapt the society.Education enables people to understand the world better and have a good job in the futrue.Moreover ,it also has an impact on people's behavior.



As the society and economy rapidly advance, various phenomenon have been presented in our routine life, among which cyber crimes deserve most of our attention. Turning around, we can find too numerous examples to list.

①I am writing this letter to you in an effort to urge  you to …我写这封信是为了督促你们…


As a college student, I am convinced that it is of great necessity for youngest to enhance ourselves by learning to distinguish between true and false. Sparing no efforts to do so, we can witness a helpful and promising future of our life, work and study.


③Wish your company thrive!

First of all, what qualifications do I need to follow a course of study at your university? I already have bachelor 's degree from Peking University, but I wonder if there are any further academic requirements. Moreover, how much are the tuition fees? Although I intend to be self -supporting, I would be interested to hear if there are any scholarships available for international students.

Li ming



As Internet communication is not limited by space, we can chat with others where there is Internet with our tools such as computers, mobile phones and pads. However, when we chat with others online, we cannot express our feelings fully. Just as the picture shows, the parents cannot touch or hug their child. We know that body language plays an important role in our communication, but the Internet communication cannot do this.

There are a host of driving forces. I would argue, behind this unfavorable tide. First, in the course of the rapid economic evolution, we ignore moral education, giving rise to the rising rate of the problem. In addition, the lack of adequate regulation on those cyber criminals also enforces the trend.


【 play a vital role in 】  在某方面起重要作用


①I am a senior majoring in math of 某个大学.I am writing this letter in request for an opportunity to pursue a master degree in your institution. 我是一名某个学校数学专业的学生。我写这封信的目的是申请在贵校继续攻读硕士学位的机会。




②I will graduate with my bachelor degree this June. My academic background can fit your requirements for further study in your university. During my four years in school, I have achieved impressive academic performance. And my thesis has been awarded "The Top Essay of the Year. "I opt for your university in that you have a panel of prominent scholars in this field. 今年六月,我将本科毕业并将获得学士学位。我的学术背景在贵校继续攻读的要求。在校的四年里,我已经取得出色的学业成绩,并且我的论文被授予了年度最佳论文奖。我选择您这所学校主要是因为您拥有这个领悟的众多著名学者。


④Thank you for taking time reading this letter.





③We are looking forward to your reply and arrival.




如“Yours, /Yours turly, ”。

In sum,education can turn people out with better learning skills,job offering and good behavior,so I think education is important to people to fulfill their goals and live a easy life.

②I am writing to make the complaint about …




②I will obtain my master degree this June from world -renowned 某个大学。


③I do hope you can take the above suggestions into consideration and thanks in advance.



①The post you advertised in 杂志或者报纸appeals to me. And I would like to be considered for this job. 你在某个杂志上刊登的职位招聘深深吸引了我,我想考虑这个职位。


①Being a senior student,I am writing this letter with the hope of …

②Here are some suggestions I would like to put forward. First of all ……Meanwhile ……



【 be your best chioce】    最佳选择


Over the past couple of years, several cases of the environmental problems have been disclosed on various media, ranging from Newspaper to TV to the Internet. The prevalence of environmental pollution has greatly impacted public health, which the government could not afford to ignore.

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【  with the hope of】     希望

To live a low -carbon lifestyle means to reduce the emission of carbon and protect the environment,thus enabling us to realize the goal of sustainable development. Nowadays, people in growing numbers come to be aware of the hazards from greenhouse gas as well as global warming. As a result, low -carbon methods, such as riding bicycles, taking public transportation and so on, have been taken as preferred choices in our routine life.





②Finally please allow me to express my thanks once again. Best wishes for your health and happiness.

②I was genuinely hoping that everything works well for you in the days ahead.

If it had not been for your assistance in giving me aid and ______, I fear that ______. /Without your help, I would not have done______ .During the ______, you have given me generous help and continuous guidance by______ .Thus, I really appreciate______ , and I hope that I may repay your kindness by ______.



I am a Chinese student who hopes to apply for admission into your prestigious university. My plan is to start my course next term, and I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to provide me with certain essential information.

①I 'm writing to tell you how  excited I was when I heard the announcement that …


Due to the wide use of computers and the development of Internet, more and more people like to chat on the Internet. We tend to pay more attention to Internet communication than to face-to-face contact.

【attach greater attention to …  】 更加注重